Deer And Wildlife Feeders

Variable Height Drum Feeder

55 gallon drum 
Fiberglass sloped lid
3-10' legs 2x2" Angel
3-6x6 pads under legs with stake holes
3-3/4x30" stakes with washers
All nuts and bolts 
2-heavy duty pulleys
2-eye bolts
1- worm drive wench
Note towers can be taller per request
All parts are painted
Price $500.00 + Tax & Shipping

Fixed Height Drum Feeder

55 gallon drum
3-6 ft legs, puts drum 5 ft off of ground 2x2x1/8" angle
3-6"x6" pads under legs ,with stake holes
3-3/4"x30" stakes
One sloped fiberglass lid
All parts are painted
Added height available
Feeder not included,to many options available
Freight ,sales tax must be added
Price $250.00 + Tax + Shipping